Update from the Board of Directors

by Stephanie Myers – SEEDS Board of Directors

The SEEDS Board of Directors has been busy learning the ropes of what it takes to make SEEDS thrive and grow. We have done some strategic planning, toured the greenhouse, the grow-more (the old city greenhouse right beside the one we’re in) and the outdoor gardening space as well as met with our city council liaison and greenhouse operators from other areas. We are excited about what has SEEDS does and what it can do in the future.

There have also been some big changes with the board as well. Tina Shields, (top right) a founding SEEDS board member, has decided to step down so she can spend more time with her ridiculously adorable grand daughter and get back into the greenhouse which she has loved to be from the beginning.

Also our long time Executive Director, Eva Hernandez (bottom right) has had some important changes in her life and is stepping down. We can’t thank Eva enough for all that she has done over the years to keep SEEDS the vibrant part of Nelson that it is today. Thank you Eva and Tina for all your hard work, great ideas and sunny smiles. You will be missed! 

Tina Shields

Current SEEDS Board

The SEEDS Board of Directors are Terry Brennan (President), Fletcher Fitzgibbon (Treasurer), Stephanie Myers, and Trevor Sawchuk, two board members are waiting a formal motion to join the board at our May 3/17  meeting – Liz Abraham and Jon Meyer. We look forward to having their expertise aboard.

Let’s grow together.

Volunteer with SEEDS Nelson

Summer Volunteer Hours

Monday - Wednesday - Friday
9:00 am – 12noon

Spring has Sprung!

by Nicole Murray – SEEDS Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

Getting veggie starts going inside the greenhouse and some extremely helpful volunteers have been getting their hands dirty making it all happen. We are growing starts for Nelson Food Cupboard, Saint Saviors, Kootenay Kids and The Women’s Centre, as well as for our own outdoor gardens. It’s been fantastic having all the new volunteers come in working together, learning and teaching each other.

The aeroponics system worked out pretty well so last week we transplanted the collards outside and planted them with some swiss chard we had growing in the greenhouse. They have survived and are growing well. We have moved the tower planter outside as well and have planted it with mint. The kale and spinach that overwintered outside has put on some nice growth and will be ready to eat soon!  We seeded some more tomatoes, nasturtium and hot peppers in the greenhouse. Yesterday we planted some peas that were already grown inside, turnip, beans, beets and leeks were all sown directly into the soil. I’m going to try and harvest some worm castings soon too! The bins are getting full but we’ve just fed the worms so will have to wait a week or so for them to eat everything up.

A note about the mint:
We found the mint growing in one of the compost piles! It’s a plant that needs to be contained because it can take over a garden easily. It ca be used in salads, dried it for tea,  it attracts beneficial insects to the garden and it’s nice added to a cold drink too!

2017 GardenFest poster West Kootenay Eco-Society

Saturday, May 13, 2017

SEEDS will be at the West Kootenay Eco-Society Garden Fest, on Baker Street. We’ll be taking orders for the 2018 SEEDS ‘Garden & Homes of Nelson’ themed Calendars, Memberships and just chatting with folks about their gardens and what their excited about for the coming growing season.