Things are growing at the Greenhouse - Seedy Saturday is Coming!


Greenhouse Update

by Nicole Murray - Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

It's still wintering outside, but inside things are growing at the greenhouse! We are planning our gardens and getting seeds started for our Adopt-a-Pot fundraiser. A lot of the seeds we use are a few years old, so we don't really know how well they'll germinate. To get an idea of what seeds are viable, we scatter the seeds on some wet paper towel, fold it in half and put it in a sealed zip-lock bag. This creates a warm moist environment for the seeds to come to life in. In a few days, the seeds should have started to sprout and can be very gently transplanted to soil and will continue to grow. It's a good way to make sure you're planting seeds that will thrive.

This season is going to be a busy one I think! I'm excited to start planning the vegetable crops we will grow, looking forward to our move and happy to start offering more garden education. The Adopt-a-Pot fundraiser is something I haven't done before and I'm excited to see people taking away healthy greens! We are making up salad pots with a combination of leafy greens and an edible flower in each. It will be like having your own personal salad bar!

See you at Seedy Saturday!

Calling all vendors! It's that time of year again as we're gearing up for #NelsonSeedySaturday on April 7, 2018, and we need to start filling the day with wonderful vendors! Please call or email Stephanie if you'd like to participate this year. or (250) 505-7410 

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