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An Update from our Garden Manager Nette Lack

It’s been a while since I put pen to paper or rather fingers to the keyboard so I thought a little update on all that’s been happening is long overdue.

Since spring, the outside garden has been undergoing a major revamp and the process is still continuing.

New raised beds have been constructed and implementation of “square foot” gardening has been happening. This growing technique has been producing weekly harvests since June and basically, from small garden beds, a plentiful harvest may be achieved. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of how this is done as it would mean pages explaining this technique so come and see for yourself and all will be revealed. 

The revamp started with LVR teens coming out on two separate occasions to help dismantle some old beds – their help was invaluable and paved the way for the new beds.


From this…


To This...


And in small areas like these, we are producing harvests like these.

Impressive, isn’t it?


In Spring, we had children from the Waldorf School come out a couple of times to help with planting and harvesting. They were fascinated with the raised beds and had so many questions. Although the skies opened on their last visit, they were still game to do the harvesting and it was wonderful to see that the rain did not dampen their spirits and what really touched me was when those few children who did bring umbrellas and/or raincoats would try and shelter those who were harvesting.

The greenhouse is slowly taking shape, so far, there are some salad mix, tomatoes, cukes and beans growing and lots of empty space waiting to be filled but I am optimistic that volunteers will slowly start to trickle back to help with the growing and also to learn the different techniques that I will be putting into place in the very near future so that the greenhouse will once again be producing bountiful produce for supply to groups like the Women’s Centre , The Nelson Food Cupboard, Our Daily Bread, and Stepping Stones

Our work at SEEDS is never done!  Even while we were revamping the outside garden, we took time out to meet with the Nelson Youth Centre and started working with them on their raised beds outside the centre. They were introduced to the square foot gardening technique and six weeks later when I went back to supervise their first harvest, they were amazed at the quantity that they had produced. 


I know when the storm struck June 2015 and the greenhouse was lost, we all felt the devastation, our hearts plummeted and we were all wondering “What now?”  and I may have commented to a number of people at that time that we may be down but we are definitely not out!!

We have not stagnated, we have moved forwards and we have taken on new roles.  Our outdoor garden, although not completely revamped, has generated a lot of interests from passers-by who would come in for a little chat, and the greenhouse, even with the somewhat empty benches, has caused people to pop their heads in to see what’s going on.

As always, there is lots to do:  seeds to plant, veggies to harvest, plants to water, techniques to learn and people to meet and/or reconnect with.  So come on down and have a chat with me.


I hope to see you soon!

In continuous growth,