seeds in limbo but the move to 7th street is still happening!

Jon Meyer and Liz Abraham at GardenFest 2019

Jon Meyer and Liz Abraham at GardenFest 2019


We’re in Limbo! But we’re still here.

The SEEDS board and volunteers had a wonderful time at the West Kootenay EcoSociety’s #GardenFest this May. It was great to reconnect with some familiar faces and chat with some new folks who have questions about what SEEDS does and how they can get involved.

Any gardener will know that if you are waiting for a plant to take root and start growing… time can tick ever so slowly. This is what it has been like for the board as we work toward our move to the Seventh Street Park. So we thought we would give you an update…

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Stephanie Myers

Here are some other ways you can help donate or become a member.

Our building permit and permit to occupy are with the city. We have been working with a building inspector and engineer to ensure that the move goes off without a hitch. Keep faith things are moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately, because of being temporarily homeless this spring, we weren’t able to do our #Adopt-A-Pot program or our #SeedySaturday event. We look forward to having our new space to put down roots and get back to the business of connecting young and old to the food they grow (see that.. It even rhymes!).

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Can you help?

If you have skills that might help the board with this move including financial, construction or project management please contact us we would love to have an extra set of hands with the work ahead.


Street view at our new location on 7th Street.

Street view at our new location on 7th Street.


A Few More Thoughts…

By Jon Meyer

I believe the location is very appropriate for a greenhouse. There is a lot of natural light , exposure to whatever breeze is going by and is relatively centrally located. The neighbourhood is growing and has a wide variety of demographics. There have been a couple of  get-togethers with local resident groups and more are scheduled, to help the local neighbourhood understand the purpose and community value of the greenhouse .

The building permit is currently being processed. Ted Nunn, a local engineer, has been instrumental in helping us understand the various components of this procedure, from the design of the concrete footing to signing off on the new polycarbonate roof that will be the new skin that is fastened to the original framework .

Nelson Home Home building has been very supportive of this project as have a few other local retailers.

Once we have these steps behind us , there will be the  matter of fitting into the city’s overall seasonal construction scheduling to receive the help that will be required to move the dismantled structure to the 7th St location .  At which point we will have a plan for how many folks will be required to begin the assembling and the exact dates .


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