Outdoor Gardens Update May 2017

May 2017 Greenhouse Update

by  Nicole Murray Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

As you may know, we share the new greenhouse with the City of Nelson as they need it to grow and store their annual flowers. So we’re now going full tilt in the outside garden at Lakeside Park in Nelson, near the tennis courts. Come down during our volunteer days/hours and say hello!

Here are 3 short little video updates that will quickly get you up to date on how things are growing at the SEEDS outdoor garden.

See our mint tower, tomatoes kale, bean TP growing very well. Need some nature? Come down and get your hands dirty!

The hoop house is completed and has been planted with tomatoes, basil, calendula and nasturtium. We added some parsley and cilantro to the mix as well. Squash and potatoes are doing well in their new homes and the peas are climbing and producing flowers too. The worm castings have been harvested from one worm bin and we managed to get almost a whole wheelbarrow of screened material. We added it to the beds for a nice boost in the soil.

green shoot seeds.jpg

Our currant and raspberry bushes are starting to produce berries. The mint tower is filling out pretty well now and we planted a solo nasturtium on the top to add a bit of colour. All of our seeds are coming to life! The square foot gardens are seeded and ready to grow some beautiful produce for us. I made sure to demonstrate companion planting. Some plants like to grow next to each other and some do not. In one box we have purple cabbage, kohlrabi, nasturtium and beets for greens. Another with green cabbage, brassica salad mix and radish.  The other two are planted with tomato, parsley, chives and marigolds. Since we are outside now we had to makeshift a wash and prep table for our harvest using the door to our little greenhouse shed, it worked great!


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