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2019 'Pathways in Nelson' Calendar

Sales begin tomorrow Oct 28th outside of Save-on-Foods in Nelson! See the calendar below for upcoming dates...

Always a favourite of Nelsonites and visitors alike, the 2019 'Pathways in Nelson BC' Calendar is no exception and features the photography of Lynn Brousson, Madeleine Guenette and Bob Hall as well as paintings by Sue Parr and George Angliss.

Calendars are $15 for SEEDS members* or $20 for non-members.

*Purchase your membership at the same time and support SEEDS! Memberships are $15-$30 sliding-scale and you can find out about member benefits here.

The membership rate is ONLY available at the Save-on-Foods location during the weekly sales events and NOT available at the retail locations.

Every year the calendars sell out so don't wait to get yours.
They make fantastic gifts for any occasion!

The retail sales locations are:

Nelson & District Chamber Of Commerce
Kootenay Co-op Grocery Store
Touchstones Museum
Otter Books
Bella Flora
Ellisons Market

A big thank you to Mackenzie of Hall Printing for going above and beyond in the design and printing this year. We couldn’t have done it without any of you!

News from the garden


by Nicole Murray Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

October is one of my favourite months not only because it's my birthday month, but it is just so beautiful! The light changes the air is cool and crisp, and the colours are astonishing this year. It's a feast for the senses! It's also time for the final harvest at the veggie garden and putting things to bed. All of the root vegetables get pulled up and after harvesting what we can from the lettuce and kale, the leafy greens are left in and the beds covered with leaves or straw.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, it is so important to feed the soil protect it from the elements and prevent compaction. The soil is the foundation of your garden's health and if it's weak it won't flourish. As we know, over time industrial farming has stripped the soil of life, creating the need to use chemical fertilizers to feed the plants. This makes it harder and harder to prevent pests and disease. There is a technique called no-dig gardening where you layer compost or debris each year, feeding the soil organisms and enriching the land you want to grow in. If we could use this on a larger scale our land would be fertile and safe from desertification, it would be more drought tolerant, and we would be using the natural cycles of the earth to our advantage. Here is a little video that is a simple explanation of this gardening technique.

One additional note about the SEEDS greenhouse move. We are still in process with this and I will be helping organize the move. I won’t be sharing the city greenhouse over winter as they need it for overwintering their plants and propagation purposes. This means no volunteer days until further notice.

We really appreciate the time we got to spend in the greenhouse and we're excited as we look forward to our new location on 7th Street in the spring of 2019.


Street view at our new location on 7th Street.

Street view at our new location on 7th Street.


By Stephanie Myers

SEEDS Annual General Meeting happened last week with reports from the garden, regarding the greenhouse move, the board and the financial report. Things are still moving along, maybe not as quickly as we might like but all in good time. The greenhouse move is planned for next spring with site prep and footings installed as soon as possible. Tina Shields and photographer Lynn Brousson have put together another spectacular fundraising calendar for 2019. See our calendar here for the last weekend of October and November. They will also be available at Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History, the Chamber of Commerce, Otter Books, the Kootenay Co-op and Bella Flora Studio.

Trevor Sawchuk and Terry Brennan finished their terms as board members and have chosen not to run again. We would like to thank them for their service on the board. We have two new board members, Bruce Edson of Earth Matters and Lynn Brousson.

We are looking forward to fundraising and planning for the new location next spring. We will be holding consultation meetings with the surrounding neighbours so they can share their needs and hopes. This will be a lovely addition to the neighbourhood with demonstration gardens, community space and connection opportunities for everyone.


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