June 2018 Mini Update from the SEEDS garden.

flowering-chives June 2018  mini update.jpg

by Nicole Murray :: Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

June has been a busy month! Everything in the garden has taken off and is growing very well. The strawberries are ripening, sweet peas are forming, and the raspberries are coming in abundance. If there is anyone out there that needs food please come by the garden during open/volunteer hours, and we can send you away with a bag or two of fresh greens or herbs! Maybe even a plant or two as well! We started doing donations back in mid-May and are on a regular weekly donation schedule to some of the relief agencies in town. There are lots to go around!

This #June-uary I've made sure to keep the plants covered with remay so they are protected from the ever-changing weather we've been having. We took the plastic off the hoop house that's over the tomatoes just the other day because they are so big right now! Seeing as we have limited space I try to use as much of it as possible by inter-planting vegetables that are companions and growing things up. The tomato bed, which I call tomato town, has basil, carrots and onions. The garlic has romaine lettuce planted between the rows and in the squash cave, spinach and lettuce are growing too.

SEEDS Tomato Plant House

SEEDS Tomato Plant House

There are still Adopt-A-Pots available for purchase during our open hours! 

3 Gallon Pots - $15 for members $20 for non-members

Nicole gives us a few tips on how to care for your Adopt--A-Pot once you get it home.

Now that summer is here bring your kids, grand-kids and friends by to see what's happening.

One of our volunteers has been bringing her grandson and he's eating and learning so much!


Summer Volunteer Hours

CURRENT HOURS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SITE and drop down and see how you can get involved. We can ALWAYS use more hands!