July 2018 abundant garden edition


by Nicole Murray Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

July has been such an abundant month! We have made 8 food donations to the group of agencies we support. The cool wet June we had helped everything grow so well. The squash arch has a good amount of squash hanging and it keeps getting bigger each day. The beans are wild and crazy, potatoes are ready to start harvesting, the tomatoes are doing well and it's time to get the garlic out of the ground. The challenge is keeping everything watered and healthy. I like to add a bit of kelp meal or a liquid fertilizer to help the plants along. In the veggie garden, I use Gaia products and Wegener's (available at Ellisons in Nelson), which is a liquid. By using a meal type fertilizer, the plants receive nutrients at a slower rate so it sticks around longer, whereas a liquid fertilizer is taken up by the plants right away. We have lots of kelp meal and Gaia 4-4-4, so do come grab some if you need it! Bring your own container and a small donation if you can.


Sue is a British woman who volunteers with SEEDS every year. This year she brought her grandson to help out. He had a great time making custom salads for his mom and helping with the harvesting and watering.


Now that summer is here bring your kids, grand-kids and friends by to see what's happening.

So drop by and say hi!
I would love to see you.


SEEDS Nelson has been trucking along with the imminent greenhouse move project. We have been working with an engineer and contractor to prepare the new site at the 7th Street Park, making the best use of that beautiful new sunny space. We have been costing out the cost of a new cover for the greenhouse, footings that will be needed, and site excavating.

We have been working with the Public Works Department of the City of Nelson to make this new era for SEEDS happen in the best possible way.

The address of the new location is 1020 – 1106 Seventh Street.

Stephanie Myers