Growlights Stolen, SEEDY Saturday 2017 Success, Spring update from the Greenhouse

Seedy Saturday 2017

by Stephanie Myers - SEEDS Board of Directors

SEEDS Nelson hosted our second Seedy Saturday on March 18th at the beautiful historic CPR Rail station, which is now the home of the Nelson Chamber of Commerce. The event is highly anticipated by vendors and patrons both. This year's event hosted 9 vendors: Ellison's complete with 2-way radios so they could be in contact with their warehouse, the Kootenay Native Plant Species Society and Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society were there sharing a wealth of knowledge. Lots of different variety of seed vendors as well - Stellar Seeds, Cherry Meadow Farm Seeds, & BC Eco Seed Coop to name a few.

We had some wonderful workshops as well, covering topics such as; sunscaping, backyard bees, composting, and Garliq from the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine did a very informative talk on wild harvesting.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up and to Nelson Farmer's Supply, Ellison's Market and Kootenay Native Plant Species Society who donated some wonderful door prizes.

Seedy Saturday is one stop shop for all your gardening needs. If you missed it this time, make sure you don’t next year!

The kids really enjoyed playing in the dirt making Seed Bombs.

A special thank you to our photographers for the day – Christina Wall and Matt Bolt.

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Grow Lights Stolen from Seeds greenhouse.

by Stephanie Myers, SEEDS Board of Directors

SEEDS NELSON’s greenhouse manager, Nicole Murray, now welcomes volunteers into the greenhouse three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 AM – Noon. She shows them how to start, pot, and harvest plants. Everything looked normal when Nicole locked things up on Saturday Feb. 26th after her morning shift, but when she unlocked the door the next Tuesday morning something was missing.

There had been three donated panels of LED lights supplying some much-needed light for plant starts during the winter months. Someone had cut the plastic coroplast that makes up the shell of the greenhouse just where the lights were and taken all three panels. The poor plants are now suffering during the continuing short dark days of winter.

Each of the three LED panels made by a company called Glow Panel, were about 14” x 14” square, with hundreds of LED lights on each.

Nicole phoned Nelson Police Department and Constable Lauren Mirva responded taking Nicole’s statement and filing a report. The City was also informed because the greenhouse is their property and insurance would need to be alerted.

The case is unsolved, so keep your eyes out for a space that just got a whole lot brighter and please call NPD at 250.354.3919 if you have any information. Please contact Nicole Murray, 250.777.4206 if you have any further questions concerning this break-in.

March Update From The Greenhouse

Nicole Murray, SEEDS Gardens Manager

Well this month had an interesting start with the theft of the lights at the end of February, but we've managed to get some tomatoes, peppers and herbs started. Thankfully we have had nice sunny days to keep the plants going. Sitkum, an IT firm in Nelson, has been generous to offer to donate some money to help buy new lights. The next task is cleaning up the outdoor space so we can get things prepped to move out there soon. Nelson Tiny Homes has agreed to help rebuild the composter because its too big and then we'll have more room for raised beds.The aeroponics system is up and running, we have 9 collard greens plants growing beautifully.

Our Seedy Saturday event was so much fun! We couldn't do it without the participation of our local vendors, sharing information through workshops and the volunteers. I held a workshop on Sunscaping which is a design technique used to map out where the sunny and shady spots are in your garden or yard.

I've reached out to some of the agencies in town we donate food to with the prospect of creating partnerships to help grow veggie starts for their gardens. So far we have the Nelson Food Cupboard, Saint Saviours Food Pantry, Kootenay Kids and the Nelson Women's Centre on board. We are now sharing the greenhouse with the City of Nelson and they have moved into half of the building so they can propagate new plants for the parks and planters around town. It's pretty cozy! (click here if you'd like to see some of our current and past partners and funders)