August 2018 Garden Update

A beautiful Hubbard Squash!

A beautiful Hubbard Squash!

August 2018 Garden Update

by Nicole Murray :: Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

August was a very productive month, we made 2 donations a week to our community partners. We harvested lots of fresh herbs like sage, thyme, parsley, basil, chives, mint and dill. We pulled up 100 garlic bulbs to donate this year! A SEEDS member has allowed us to use some of their garden space to grow in and there will be onions harvested soon. Some of the other vegetables we grew or have grown this summer are; carrots, peas, beans, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, radish, spaghetti and Hubbard squashes (as demonstrated in main bulletin image!) and green onions. There was a great crop of raspberries too.


We had to deal with a bit of blossom end rot on the potted tomatoes and that cut down our Roma crop a bit. Blossom end rot occurs because there is a lack of calcium in the fruit. When there are wide fluctuations in moisture it reduces the uptake and movement of calcium in the plant. You know you have it when there is a brown, sometimes black, leathery spot on the bottom of your fruit. Blossom end rot can affect tomatoes, squash, peppers and eggplants. To remedy this I removed all of the affected fruit and applied lime and Epsom salts to the soil and kept the plants evenly watered. A mulch or irrigation will help reduce drought stress, bone meal, gypsum or a liquid calcium fertilizer are helpful as well. Try not to over fertilize when plants are fruiting or cultivate over the roots.


I don't know about you but the smoke kicked my butt this year! I had to leave the veggie garden early a few times. I'm sorry if you came and I wasn't there.

Moving into fall always takes me by surprise but I've got a few things starting to grow for late season crops. Mostly salad mix, a few carrots and other greens. Keeping it simple so I can get things tidied up for the winter. Yep, I said it. Winter!

See you all next month


The Greenhouse project on 7th street is developing, slowly but certainly.  The City of Nelson is supportive and very busy with other projects.  We will be doing a site inspection with them in two weeks to finalize the orientation.  It is possible,  that we will have it up this autumn.

Stay tuned as we finalize these details.

Jon Meir, Director