2018 Homes of Nelson Calendars Sales :: Garden Update & Nelson City Council Meets with SEEDS

2018 Homes of Nelson Calendar Sales 

**Edited to update Calendar sales progress on Nov 26/17**

Always a favourite of Nelsonites and visitors alike, the 2018 Homes of Nelson Calendar is no exception and features local photography by Lynn Brousson as well as art by Lainey Benson, Jeremy Herndl and Bruce Martin.

**Calendars are $20 and now only available at the following retailers in Nelson. Thank you to everyone for supporting SEEDS!

Nelson & District Chamber Of Commerce
Kootenay Co-op Grocery Store
Touchstones Museum
Oso Negro Cafe
Ellisons Market
Nelson Remedy’s Rx
Otter Books

We're so grateful to Lynn, Lainey, Jeremy and Bruce, thank you for your artistry and generous contributions to this beautiful calendar!

Also to, Mackenzie of Hall Printing for going above and beyond in the design and printing this year. We couldn’t have done it without any of you!

Fall at the Seeds Outdoor Gardens

by  Nicole Murray Greenhouse/Gardens Manager

The time has come to put our gardens to rest for the winter season. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year because of the blazing colours and crisp, cool air. As the plants die back and leaves fall, their finished foliage can be added to the compost or used to protect the soil from the elements. Most don't think of the soil as something that needs to be protected, but there are all sorts of organisms, roots, and bugs that appreciate the coverage.

We all have our own methods for what works for us and our gardens. Some like to cut everything back and keep it tidy, whereas others leave the spent perennials until spring. Cover crops are sometimes applied as a living mulch or leaves get used to cover the garden. I usually just leave a good layer of leaves for over winter and come spring I rake off the top loose layer and cover the leaves that have started to decay with compost. This helps build the soil and feed the plants as well as preventing weeds from germinating. To me this is a minimal effort with maximum benefits!

This year I've decided to experiment with cover crops, I have never used them before. Five different types were applied; buckwheat, arifi radish (forage radish), alfalfa, white mustard and a blend of hairy vetch, winter peas and fall rye. Depending on the cover crop, the goal is to suppress weeds, protect soil from rain or runoff, improve soil aggregate stability, reduce surface crusting, add active organic matter to the soil, break up hardpan, fix nitrogen and suppress soil diseases and pests. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on what type of application they are used in. There are a couple websites I like to use as a reference for information on cover crops, www.covercrops.cals.cornell.edu and www.omafra.gov.on.ca. On these websites, you can click on a specific cover crop and get all the info you need to make the right choice. They also offer more information on soil health, pests and water management, as well as other related articles.

Even though the growing season is coming to an end there is a lot to appreciated about the seasons and natural cycles we are a part of. So snuggle up for winter and prepare for spring.


Seeds AGM Update

By Stephanie Myers

SEEDS Nelson has been busy, not only with launching the 3rd annual fundraising calendar, but we just finished our AGM. The board now consists of Liz Abraham, Jon Meir, Stephanie Myers, Terry Brennan and Trevor Sawchuk. These people have had some very interesting meetings with the city staff that we share space with down at Lakeside Park. There is a very important City Council meeting happening on Monday Nov 6th at 7pm if you want to come and show your support for SEEDS, we would love to see you there.