A Poem to Recap 2016 with SEEDS


The time has come for a year in review, I thought that this year I would try something new.

A poem to recap all of 2016,
January to December and all happenings between.The year started off quiet and slow,

With no greenhouse to keep us out of the snow.
We were planning away with no growing in sight,

Then on the first of February City Council gave the green light.A new greenhouse, yes, the City would rebuild,

And SEEDS could still use it, with veggies it would be filled.
We planned to move in for early July,

So we would have to find activities to help the time pass by.Seedy Saturday in March, a first for SEEDS to host,

Was met with such phenomenal support, we really must boast.

With vendors, prizes and workshops galore,

There was something for all 250 that came to explore.April, through June we gardened outdoors,

Building accessible height planter boxes and other such chores.
The harvests were up, and we began to donate,

To our fellow community members, some extra nutrition for their plate. Then Canada Day was here once again,

Celebrations this time, no storm, not even rain.

A beautiful day with new greenhouse tours for everyone,

SEEDS was about to move in, and the work had just begun. Over the next couple months we got up and running,

Such a hot, hot summer, the greenhouse fans were a humming.
Hosted the Edible Garden Tour for a second year,

Volunteers and garden hosts filled the day with great cheer.
Staff changes, we said some goodbyes and hellos,

The veggies continue to flourish row upon row.
AGM came, three new to the board,

With enthusiasm and excitement they will move SEEDS forward.
Support came through the year from all sorts of directions,

But with no Adopt-a-Pot, our fundraisers needed serious attention.
Thanks to tireless volunteerism, supporters and community partners,

We sold all four hundred of our 2017 calendars.
So to our volunteers, members, partners, funders and team,

SEEDS gives thanks to you all for everything,

Cheers to the new year, welcome 2017,
January to December and all happenings between.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Eva Hernandez - SEEDS Executive Director

Nicole at the seeds greenhouse December 2016

Nicole at the seeds greenhouse December 2016

Update from the
Seeds Greenhouse

by Nicole Murray

This first photo is of one of the wicking bed mats and what I like to call the root matrix but it's just roots that have formed.  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to use the lights from the old greenhouse because they are too big and heavy but I found these little ones in the outdoor shed so figured I'd try and use them…

Plant growth has slowed down since winter has come. We have been doing mostly housekeeping and thinking of other little projects for the winter. So far we have set up some LED panels that have blue and red lights and plan on making sprouts in mason jars.

Alyssa working hard at the SEEDS greenhouse sprouting in winter

Alyssa working hard at the SEEDS greenhouse sprouting in winter


Want to drop by and see how it's progressing? Come on down and visit, volunteer or take a look.

See the open hours at the bottom of this page.

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